Winter 2018
Medical treatment of benign prostatic disease
Steve Mattocks

Prostate and testicular cancer
Karl German

Medical treatment of erectile dysfunction, and urinalysis
Karl Spiteri

Urology Outreach: a specialist nursing service bridging acute and community care
Kevin J Holmes

Male hypogonadism and infertility: An endocrinological perspective
Mark Gruppetta
Miriam Giordano Imbroll

Winter 2017
ADHD across the lifespan
Nigel Camilleri

Eating disorders and their management (The Malta perspective)
Anton Grech

Stress, distress and their management
Anthony Dimech

Identification of drug related problems in mental health
Peter Zammit

Management of perinatal depression
Ethel Felice

Mental health and old age
David Mamo

Autumn 2016
Depressive and bipolar disorders: A review, with special emphasis on their management and related challenges
David Cassar

Psychosis: detection, treatment and experiences of living with mental health problems
Anton Grech

Anxiety disorders and pharmacist interventions
Beppe Micallef Trigona

Movie night: Monsieur Lazhar
Roberta Farrugia Debono

Mental health first aid
Daniela Calleja Bitar

Chronic disease and mental health: panel discussion
Anton Grech
Roberta Farrugia Debono
Peter Zammit B
Anthony P Azzopardi

Winter 2016
Management of nasal obstruction
Adrian M Agius

Is sinus pain really sinusitis?
Adrian M Agius

Vocal hygiene and care of the professional vocal performer
Alec Lapira

Recurrent ear infections and hearing loss – What to do?
Kenneth Muscat

Vestibular migraine: Migraine or Ménière’s disease?
Alec Lapira

Sore throat: What lies under this umbrella?
Imed Ben Moussa

Autumn 2015
Focus on common Ophthalmic Conditions
Managing the Red Eye
John Grech Hardie

Cataracts and the Pharmacist and Common lid and conjunctival conditions
Mario Vella

Glaucoma: Current Medications, side effects and what does the future hold?
Francis Carbonaro

The spectrum of infectious and allergic disease of the eye
Melvin J. Gouder

Myopia Hyperopia Astigmatism and Presbyopia: Common beliefs and myths
Kerstien Gabarretta

Advances in Contact Lens Practice
Kerstien Gabarretta

Winter 2015
Pharmacists’ Role in Palliative Care
End of life care and the multi-disciplinary team
John-Paul Tabone

Morphine. Are we afraid of it?
Doreen Pace

Self-Awareness in my Work with Dying Patients
Benna Chase

Use of medicines for the treatment of cancer pain
Patricia Vella Bonanno

Administration of medicines in patients with swallowing difficulties
Marise Gauci

Autumn 2014
Focus on Dermatology

Common facial dermatoses
Lawrence Scerri

Cutaneous side effects of drugs used in rheumatology
Joseph Pace

Common skin infections
Susan Aquilina

Atopic dermatitis & psoriasis: what’s new?
Joseph Pace

Fungal infections of the skin, hair & nails
Michael J. Boffa

Wound care and tissue viability – different types of dressing
Miriam Wubbels Cassar

Winter 2014
Delivering pharmaceutical care to older persons
Parkinsonism and Parkinson’s Disease
Peter Ferry

Use and limitations of psychotropics in management of behavioural & psychological problems in dementia
David C. Mamo

Antibiotic use in the elderly with emphasis on LUTIs
Ian Mifsud

Anthony Fiorini

Medicines optimisation in older persons
Marise Gauci

Community support services for older persons
Theresa Micallef

Autumn 2013
Cardiology and vascular disorders
Herbert Felice

Hyperlipidaemia: a major modifiable risk factor for coronary artery disease
Robert G. Xuereb

Atherosclerotic coronary artery disease
Andrew Cassar

Optimising drug therapy in patients with heart failure
Marise Gauci

Cardiac arrhythmias
Oscar Aquilina

Common vascular conditions
Kevin Cassar

Winter 2013
Caring for Children

Care of the newborn baby
Marie-Louise Bugeja

Weaning Babies
Joseph Mizzi

Challenges in the pharmaceutical care of infants presenting with gastro-oesophageal reflux disease
Ann-Marie Cassar Flores

Skin infections and infectious rashes in children
Simon Attard Montalto

Type 1 diabetes mellitus in childhood and adolescence
John Torpiano

Common ailments in childhood
Victor Grech

Autumn 2012
Common respiratory conditions: improving patient outcomes

Asthma: enhancing patient outcomes
Maria Cordina

Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD)
Lorna Marie West

Managing allergic rhinitis
Maria Cordina

Drug induced infiltrative lung disease
Cynthia Farrugia Jones

Cough revisited
Joseph Cacciottolo

Devices used in respiratory disease
Maria Cordina
Lorna Marie West

Winter 2012
Responding to changes in practice

Medicines Entitlement
Isabelle Zahra Pulis

Urinary catheters
Edward Calleja

Practical aspects of handling psychiatric patients and their therapy
Mark Xuereb

Insulin: practical update
Ruth Theuma
Moira Grixti

Anticoagulation: From Dog livers to Targeted Therapy
Alex Gatt

High risk medications – in a nutshell
Dustin Balzan

Autumn 2011
Why don’t medicines always work?

Emergency of community MRSA in Malta
Michael A Borg

Medicines and DNA
Anthony Fenech

Pharmacogenetics in practice
Anthony Fenech
Ruth Theuma
Lorna Marie West
Valeria Vella

Ethical and regulatory issues in pharmacogenetics
Bridget Ellul
Janet Mifsud

Biomarkers in drug therapy
Godfrey Grech

Winter 2011
Pharmaceutical Regulation

Marketing Authorisation Assessments. How do we carry out this function at the Medicines Authority?
John Joseph Borg

Information on Medicinal Products
Gavril Flores

Supporting the National Pharmacovigilance System
Amy Tanti

Regulation of Medicines Supply Chainand Market Surveillance
Simon Serge

Counterfeits and buying over the internet and internet pharmacies
Mark Cilia

Herbal Medicines
Everaldo Attard

Autumn 2010
Pharmaceutical Care

Untreated Indications
Valerie Vella

Is there an indication? Was the right choice made?
Ruth Theuma

Incorrect Doses
Lorna M. West

What’s going on....Is it an adverse drug reaction and shall I monitor?
Valerie Vella

Drug interactions
Ruth Theuma

Patient counselling
Mark L. Zammit

Winter 2010

Vaccines and vaccine safety
Mark L. Zammit

Influenza and Pandemic Vaccines
Christopher Barbara

Paediatric Immunisation: an overview
imon Attard Montalto

Adult & Adolescent Vaccines
Peter Zarb

Human Papilloma Virus Vaccines
Mark L. Zammit

Tropical Protection
C. Mallia Azzopardi

Autumn 2009
Mental Health

Sleep Disorders from the Pharmacist’s Perspective
Brendan Caruana Montaldo

Anxiety Disorders
Etienne Muscat
Audrey Agius

Depressive Disorders
Etienne Muscat

Schizophrenia, a new look at an old condition
David Cassar

Bipolar disorder
Ethel Felice

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder
Ethel Felice

Winter 2009
Pharmacists’ interventions in weight management

Effects of obesity
Mariosa Xuereb, Maria Ellul

Effective and sustained weight loss
Maria Ellul

Motivating people to deal with obesity
Mireille Vila

Winter 2009

Wound Management
Corrine Ward

Photosensitivity and Photoaging
Joseph Pace

Relationship between Acne and PCOS
Joseph Pace

Michael Boffa

Acne Vulgaris
Lawrence Scerri

Drug-induced skin reactions
Paul Gatt

Men's Health
Autumn 2008
Men's Health

Hair Loss
Alison Anastasi

Erectile Dysfunction
Steve Mattocks

Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia and Prostate Cancer
Steve Mattocks

Late Onset Hypogonadism
Josanne Vassallo

Colorectal Cancer
Valerie Vella


Pharmacotherapeutic Management of Disease
Winter 2008
Pharmacotherapeutic Management of Disease

Hypertension & cholesterol: management & monitoring
Louise Azzopardi

Atrial fibrillation: addressing common therapeutic issues
Marise Gauci

Insulin and oral hypoglycemic agents
Ruth Theuma

Management of dyspepsia
Valerie Vella

Commonly used preparations
Lorna West


Renal & Hepatic
Autumn 2007
Renal & Hepatic Conditions

Acute renal failure
Joe Farrugia

Chronic renal failure
Louis Buhagiar

Drug dosing regimes in renal failure
Emanuel Farrugia

Drugs and renal disease
Corinne Bowman
Mark L. Zammit

Liver disease and its management
Alfred Caruana Galizia

Drug-induced liver disease monitoring and counseling
Valerie Vella

Oral Health
Winter 2007
Oral Health

Common Oro-Dental Conditions 1: Hard Tissues
George E Camilleri

Common Oro-dental Conditions 2
Alex Cassar

Dental Pharmacotherapy
Adam Bartolo

Oral Hygiene and Toothbrushes Deciphered
Carmelina Seychell, Carmen Caruana, Jeremy Lanfranco

Dental Prosthesis and their Care
Alexander Azzopardi

Dental Procedures Explained
Adam Bartolo

Musculoskeletal Therapeutics
Autumn 2006
Musculoskeletal Therapeutics

Karen Cassar

Bernard Coleiro
Ray Gatt

Systemic Lupus Erythematosus
Franco Camilleri

Rheumatoid Arthritis 1
Carmel Mallia

Rheumatoid Arthritis 2
Carmel Mallia

Paul-John Cassar

Sprains & Strains: A Multidisciplinary Approach
John Buhagiar
Nadya German

Regulation of Medicines and Pharmaceutical Activities
Winter 2006
Regulation of Medicines and Pharmaceutical Activities

Regulation Pertaining to Pharmacies
Tonio Cassar

Pharmaceutical Legislation
Helen Vella

Licensing of Medicines
Helen Vella

Pharmaceutical  Activities
Tonio Cassar

The Advertising of Human Medicinal Products
Andrea Mallia Milanes

Adverse Drug Reactions and Pharmacovigilance
Michael Bonett

Preparing for a Global Threat
Autumn 2005
Preparing for a Global Threat

Influenza Pandemic Update
Tanya Melillo Fenech

Master Class in Antibiotics and Chemotherapy

A Historical Introduction to Antibiotics

Basic Concepts

Principles of Antibiotic Usage

Antibiotic Combination Therapy

Resistance to Antibiotics - Part 1

Resistance to Antibiotics - Part 2

Paul Cushcieri

Antimicrobial Therapy
Winter 2005
Optimising Antimicrobial Therapy

The Impact of Antibiotic Resistance on the Treatment of Communicable Diseases in Hospital and Community Settings
Michael A. Borg

The Abuse of a Miracle
Peter Zarb

Urinary Infections: The Ins and Outs
Tonio Piscopo

The Use of Topical Antibiotic Preparations
Paul Cushcieri

Autumn 2004

Type 1 Diabetes and Insulin
Joseph Azzopardi

Type 2 Diabetes and Oral Hypoglycemic Agents
Joseph Azzopardi

Hypopituitarism: Aspects in Management
Josanne Vassallo

Management of Thyroid Disease
Stephen Fava

Mario J Cachia

Management of Adrenal and Gonadal Disorders
Josanne Vassallo

Women's Health
Winter 2004

Focus on Womens' Health
Sexually transmitted infections: aspects in management
Philip Carabot

Treatment of depression in the antenatal and post-natal period
Ethel Felice

The menopause
Mark P Brincat

Raymond Galea


Mark P Brincat

Raymond Galea


Women's Health
Autumn 2003
Focus on Womens' Health
The menstrual cycle and associated problems
Mark P Brincat

Diabetes Mellitus and pregnancy
Charles Savona-Ventura

The oral contraceptive pill
Donald Felice

Early pregnancy loss: spontaneous and recurrent
Mark Formosa

Nutrition and pregnancy
Claire Sillato Copperstone

General care of pregnant women
Mark P Brincat


ENT & Ophthalmology
Winter 2003
Focus on ENT & Ophthalmology
Therapeutic options for managing the dizzy patient
Alec Lapira

Rhinitis: Taming the beast
Mario Said

Managing of upper respiratory tract infections
Charles Borg

Ear Infections
Eric Farrugia

Medical management of Glaucoma
Thomas Fenech

Recent updates in contact lens practice
Kerstien Gabarretta


Autumn 2002
Focus on Paediatrics
Paediatric Asthma: Drugs and delivery
Cecil Vella

Antibiotic prescribing in paediatrics

Victor Grech

Paediatric immunisation: Practice and controversies
Doriette Soler

Paediatric Emergencies
Simon Attard Montalto

Pharmacological and feeding problems in infancy and children

Ray Parascandalo

Pot pourri of paediatric prescribing

Simon Attard Montalto


Cardiovascular Disease
Winter 2002
Focus on Cardiovascular Disease
Cardiovascular risk factor management
Oscar Aquilina

Is deep vein Thromboses serious?
Fredick F. Fenech

The management of chronic stable angina
Marise Gauci

Management of myocardial infarction
Albert Fenech


Upper Gastrointestinal Pathophysiology

Winter 2001
Professional Development Programme
Upper Gastrointestinal Pathophysiology
Mario Stellini
Management of inflammatory bowel disease
Mario Stellini

Management Guidelines for Gastro-oesophageal reflux disease
Marise Gauci

Treatment Strategies for Peptic Ulcer disease
Marise Gauci

Risk associated with Laxative Abuse
Claire Zerafa

Dietary management of food allergies
Claire Copperstone


Autumn 2001
Focus on Dermatology
Acne Vulgaris: Clinical characteristics and therapeutic update
Lawrence Scerri

Superficial fungal infections
Michael J. Boffa

Common viral and bacterial infections of the skin
Paul Gatt

Tropical Steroids, Eczema and Psoriasis
Michael J. Boffa

Cosmetic Dermatology
Joseph L. Pace

Sun Protection, Why? When? How?
Lawrence Scerri


Respiratory Disease

Autumn 2000

Professional Development Programme
Herbal Products: Safety and quality issues
John Stephen Forte

Devises used in Respiratory disease
Maria Cordina

Tabacco: The addictive killer

Elaine Caruana

Aids to smoking cessation
Elaine Caruana

Chronic Obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD)
Joseph M. Cacciottlo

Do patients comply with our advice?
Joseph M. Cacciottlo