What do the different types of membership mean?
A Founder Member is a member who applied for membership with the College during the first year of the College and attained the special training as specified by the College.

An Ordinary Member is a member who applied for membership after the first year of the College. Before admission, an Ordinary Member must pass such an examination or special training as the College may from time to time determine to assess applicant’s adequacy. Until such a time he/she will be conferred associate membership.

An Associate Member is a member who is a foreign pharmacist or a pharmacist who has not fulfilled the special training specified by the College and whose admission to the College shall be considered on an individual basis by the Council. Such a member is not entitled to a vote in the General meeting of the College but is entitled to receive all general notices sent by the College to its members and is generally able to participate in the activities of the College.

What does special training constitute?
Special training may be obtained through continuing education activities organised by the College and also through other activities organised by other bodies which have been accepted for accreditation by the College.

How does the accreditation system work?
A member must obtain a minimum of 30 credits per year for renewal of Founder or Ordinary Membership. Anyone not obtaining 30 credits may be enrolled only as an Associate Member.

How can a member attend an MCPP workshop?
A programme of events, which includes booking forms, is mailed to all pharmacists. Those members wishing to attend should simply fill in the form and return it to the College by the stipulated date. Bookings are also taken over the phone and online.

Why is it necessary to book in advance?
Booking in advance is necessary for the smooth running of events. Failure of members to book for events will contribute to lack of organisation and inability to manage the event appropriately. It is mandatory for participants to book for the events they intend to attend.

Does membership necessarily have to commence in October
or can a pharmacist join later on?

Pharmacists can become members at any time and are very welcome to do so when is convenient to them. However, membership is valid from October to the following September.

What are the advantages of being an MCPP member?
The College regularly organises Continuing Education courses, tailor-made for the Maltese pharmacists’ educational needs. The College offers the pharmacists the knowledge and skills required to improve their performance and cope with the changes in modern therapy.

When and where are these meetings held?
The autumn and winter courses are held at the Lecture Centre, University of Malta. Members are asked to arrive at 7.30 p.m. in time for registration. The meetings commence at 8.00 p.m. sharp.

While the Malta College of Pharmacy Practice is an autonomous institution it enjoys the support of the University of Malta and the other pharmacy institutions in Malta.