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Issue 23 2017

What do patients wantfrom their pharmacist?
Maria Cordina

The European added value of health system cooperation to ensure access to innovative medicines and technologies
Natasha Azzopardi Muscat

Drug-induced QTc-prolongation: risk management in a community pharmacy
Eline Vandael, Veerle Foulon

What should pharmacists keep in mind to communicate with patients more effectively? Some key concepts for everyday use
Afonso Miguel Cavaco

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder across the lifespan
Nigel Camilleri, Andrea Saliba, Nadine Calleja Stafrace

Using antiepileptic drugs in children: recent developments and recommendations
Hana Shabbi, Anne Marie Scerri, Doriette M Soler, Janet Mifsud

Childhood obesity: a priority area of the Maltese Presidency of the Council of the European Union
Charmaine Gauci, Antoinette Calleja

Systematic Review: a cornerstone to promote the uptake of research findings for evidence-based practice
Patricia Vella Bonanno

Legal aspects of dispensing and prescription retention procedures according to the laws of Malta
Valerie Vella

Issue 22 2016

Community pharmacists: An expression of gratitude
Maria Cordina

“Food allergy/intolerance testing” in dermatology - science or hype?
Liam Mercieca, Lawrence Scerri

Urticaria – diagnosis and management
Susan Aquilina

Overview of the pathogenesis and management of postmenopausal osteoporosis
Svetlana Doris Brincat, Alison Brincat, Jean Calleja Agius

Cystitis and its management
Gillian Soler

Insulin therapy in adult type 1 diabetes patients: Multiple Dose Insulin Injection (MDI) or Continuous Subcutaneous Insulin Infusion (CSII)?
Alexia-Giovanna Abela

Pregnancy and asthma
Caroline Gouder

Molecular classification of colorectal cancer
Romina Briffa, Godfrey Grech

Issue 21 2015

Evolution of JMCPP
Maria Cordina

Medicines management in the palliative care of cancer patients
Ian Mifsud, Patricia Vella Bonanno

Over-the-counter weight loss preparations
Valerie Vella

Hyponatraemia: Is it clinically relevant?
Miriam Giordano Imbroll

Heart failure in the paediatric age groupp
Victor Grech

How will personalised medicine change public health practice?
Natasha Azzopardi-Muscat

Medication wastage: the current situation
Lorna Marie West

Issue 20 2014

Awareness of gender in healthcare
Maria Cordina

The contribution of sex and gender analysis to research
Ineke Klinge

Pharmacogenetics and personalized medicine: Does gender have a role?
Anthony G. Fenech, Godfrey Grech

Exploring help seeking behaviour in health: are gender binaries useful?
Gillian M. Martin

Gender differences in health and medicine information seeking behaviour- A review
Vivien Tong, David K. Raynor, Parisa Aslani

Men and women: together in sickness and health?
Neville Calleja

Impact of gender on adherence to therapy
Rana Ahmed, Parisa Aslani

Gender specific medicine in endocrinology and metabolism
Josanne Vassallo

Gender differences in epilepsy: perceived or real?
Janet Mifsud

Coronary artery disease in women
Tiziana Felice

Psychotropic medication and pregnancy
Anton Grech

The curvy side of dementia: The impact of gender on prevalence and care giving
Charles Scerri

A global review of male offspring preference and gender bias in the caring of children
Victor Grech

Can a relationship between medicines consumption and gender be determined in Malta?
Alison Anastasi


Issue 19 2013

Keeping updated
Maria Cordina

Lung health and outdoor air pollution - a review
Joseph Cacciottolo

Treatment of lower urinary tract infections in an era
of increased antimicrobial resistance
Ian Mifsud

Metformin revisited – an ‘old’ drug with a ‘new’ beginning
Sandro Vella

Medicinal product quality defects reporting
Karl De Marco

Asian mosquito tiger: a nuisance, threat or both?
Tanya Melillo

The pill in the future - pharmacological contraception in science fiction
Victor Grech, Clare Thake-Vassallo, Ivan Callus

Hypopituitarism: a review on the diagnosis and management of central hypoadrenalism and hypothyroidism
Mark Gruppetta

The extemporaneous compounding of paediatric medicines at Mater Dei Hospital
Antonella Aquilina

Issue 18 2012

Change in Practice
Maria Cordina

Medication adherence: patient education,
communication and behaviour
Michael De Brincat

The Social Security Act Reform: medicines entitlement
Alison Anastasi

Management of behavioural and psychological
symptoms in dementia: NICE guidelines
and evidence-based decision-making
Janet Sultana

A new tool for improved ambulatory care antibiotic
stewardship - National Antibiotic Committee
prescribing guidelines
Michael A. Borg

Management of infection in primary care
– a case-based approach
Antonella P. Tonna, Ivan Tonna,
Gillian M. Macartney, Robert Laing

Drug use among Maltese sportsmen and gym members
– a serious, unaddressed crisis: A personal view
Mark Xuereb

Change alone is eternal, perpetual, immortal-pharmacological
immortality in science fiction
Victor Grech, Clare Vassallo, Ivan Callus

Humanities and Medical Science - HUMS:
a novel Programme at the University of Malta
Joseph Cacciottolo

Enhancing the choice and use of medicines:
An overview of the Medicines Authority’s strategy to empower
patients and consumers and support healthcare professionals
Gavril Flores, Patricia Vella Bonanno

Medicine, healthcare, pharmacy and the law
Anthia Zammit

Indwelling urethral catheters in adults
Edward Calleja

Issue 17 2011


Pharmacy workforce in Malta
Maria Cordina

Evidence based drug therapy in the management of heart failure
Marise Gauci

Towards the use of safer medicines: why is it important
to support the national pharmacovigilance system?
Post-Licensing Directorate

Abuse of OTC and prescribed drugs: popping pills for thrills 16
Janet Mifsud

Prevention of cancer through lifestyle change and screening
Charmaine Gauci, Nadine Delicata

Pharmacogenetics: Where do we stand?
Anthony G. Fenech, Godfrey Grech

The role of prostanoids in the modern management of Glaucoma
Melvin J. Gouder

Herbal medicines: adverse effects and drug-herb interactions
Sarah Spiteri Staines

Issue 16 2010

Practicing in the best interest of the patient

Counterfeit medicines
Maria Cordina

Medicines and the internet
Segundo Mariz

Pharmacy practice in a European perspective
Th(Dick) F.J. Tromp, Kirsten Holme Christensen

Photosensitivity: light, sun and pharmacy
Mark L. Zammit

Sun and sea in summer
Victor Grech

Causes of cough
Lorna Marie West

Pain management in palliative care - choice of analgesia
Helen McClay

Aspects of HIV infection and treatment
Daniela Mallia


Issue 15 2009

Good Pharmacy Practice

Working towards enhancing pharmacy practice in Malta
Victor Scerri

Dino Vella Briffa

Food-drug interactions: Do they really matter?
Valerie Vella

The clinical relevance of pharmacokinetics and drug interactions with anti epileptic drugs
Janet Mifsud

Pricing of medicinal products: considerations in a small market state
Claude Farrugia, Kiriasis Savvas

Biotech drugs: biological therapeutic agents
Godfrey Grech, Anthony Fenech

The European Court of Justice on the liberalisation of community pharmacy services
Francesca Buttigieg

The roles and responsibilities of the qualified person in the pharmaceutical industry
Rachel Cilia Pisani, Gabrielle Vella Brincat, Claude Farrugia


Issue 14 2008


Diversity in practice

Insulin in the management of diabetes mellitus
Ruth Theuma

Long-acting beta2-adrenoreceptor agonists: salmeterol and formoterol
Lorna Marie West

Probiotics: which, when and why?
Valerie Vella

An international overview of some pharmacist prescribing models
Valerie Vella

Code of Ethics for the Pharmaceutical Profession
Pharmacy Council Malta

The Pharmaceutical Unit
Vanessa Bugeja

The impact of EU legislation on medicines in Malta
Vanessa Bugeja

Policy principles for a competitive healthcare environment

EU twinning: ‘Light’
Joseph Busuttil

Primary care: quo vadis?
Isabel Stabile, Jean Karl Soler


Issue 13 2007


Prescribing, dispensing and patient safety

An update on the management of hypertension
Marise Gauchi

A focus on the newer antibiotics targeting Gram-positive bacteria
Antonella P. Tonna, Ivan Tonna, Paul Cuschieri

Pharmacogenetics: the path to personalized prescribing
Anthony G. Fenech

Benzodiazepines: benefits versus risks
Lorna Marie West

Personal experiences of health and illness on the web:
A resource for patients, carers and health professionals

Kath Ryan, Andrew Herxheimer

Health perceptions and adherence to diet
Josianne Scerri, Eamonn Ferguson, Christian A. Scerri

Gastro-Oesophageal Reflux Disease – GORD
Valerie Vella

Medicines: mere generic facts
Vanessa Bugeja


Issue 12 2007


Supporting healthcare professionals in their war against obesity

Malta: an obesogenic island in the Mediterranean
Maria Ellul

Addressing the nutrition extremes
Claire Sillato Copperstone

Seven star pharmacists
Gauden Galea

Tackling obesity: the big challenge
Geof Rayner

Childhood obesity: a critical Maltese health issue
Victor Grech

Pathogenesis of obesity
Josanne Vassallo

Weight management: an evidence-based approach
Roberta Borg Costanzi

The weight reduction service organised by the
Health Promotion Department, Malta

Maria Ellul

Knowledge, attitude and behaviour change in participants attending
 an eight-week weight reduction programme

Vanessa Bugeja

Options in the pharmacological management of morbid obesity
Eileen Vella

Nutritional recommendations for people with diabetes
Mario Caruana

Administration of drugs to patients with swallowing difficulties
Corinne Bowman

Are chondroitin and glucosamine in combination effective in the treatment of osteoarthritic pain?
Mario R. Sammut


Issue 11 2006



Issue 10 2005


Issue 9 2005


COPD: a public health problem requiring attention

Joseph M Cacciottolo, Maria Cordina



Issue 8 2004

Working with the patient

Multidisciplinary professional interaction
Josanne Vassallo

The role of communication skills
Marja Airaksinen


Antonella Tonna and Anne Gilchrist

Equity and solidarity in healthcare
Mary Anne Sant Fournier

Drugs in renal failure
Corinne Bowman

The AD/HD family support group
Tessa M Anastasi

The scaly scalp
Dino Vella Briffa


Issue 7 2003




Issue 6 2002



Issue 5 2001



Issue 4 2000



Issue 3 1999



Malta guidelines for the management of COPD
University of Malta, Department of Medicine St. Luke's Hospital, Malta College of Family Doctors, Malta College of Pharmacy Practice

Malta guidelines for the management of COPD



What is COPD?

What causes COPD?

How does COPD present?

How is COPD assessed?

How is COPD managed?

How are exacerbations managed?

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