What We Do?

MCPPNET is an organization whose goals are to help men become healthier, become more confident, and become more successful in sexual lives and relationships. MCCPNET was founded in 1999 by Robert to provide life-long learning to men. The creation of MCCPNET contributed a lot in delivering needs and information for men. 

Over the years, MCPPnet has improved and established a reputable name in men’s health. It has become an excellent resource for finding solutions to common men’s problems. We have hundreds of thousands of visitors monthly, and our community is growing bigger and bigger. 

We are looking forward to helping men with their problems in the years to come. 

Who We Are?

Edwin Peterson


Edwin has founded mcppnet in 1999 and has provided thousands of articles about men's health.

Wayne Beck

Web Administrator

Wayne deals with all the technical issues of the site

Alexis Charles

Business Manager

Alexies is in charge of business inquiries.

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