A Founder Member is someone who applied for the college membership during the first year and attained the specified college training. 

An Ordinary Member is someone who applied for membership after the first year of college. It is a requirement for an Ordinary Member to pass an examination of special training before admission because from time to time, the college may assess the adequacy of the applicant, until when the person will be granted an associate membership.

An Associate Member is a member known as a foreign pharmacist or a pharmacist that has not yet undergone the special training set by the college, and someone whose admission to the college shall be considered by the Council on an individual basis.

Mostly, an Associate Member is not entitled to a vote in the General meeting of the college. However, they are entitled to receive all notices sent to members by the college and they are also allowed to participate in all the activities of the college.

Special Training: What It Entails

Special training is usually obtained through continuation of education activities that are organized by the college. You can also obtain it through activities that are organized by other bodies that have been accepted and accredited by the college.

The Accreditation System: How It Works

A member is required to obtain a minimum of 50 credits every year to renew the Founder or Ordinary Membership. Anyone who fails to obtain the 30 credits will only be enrolled as an Associate Member.

How to Attend the Workshop

If you are a member who wants to attend the MCCP workshop, a program of events, which normally includes forms is mailed to all pharmacists. Members who wish to attend the MCCP workshop are supposed to fill the forms and return them to the college before the stated deadline. You can also make your bookings through phone or online.

Why You Should Book in Advance

It is crucial to make a booking in advance for the smooth running of the event. If members fail to book for events, it will lead to a lack of organization and a lack of ability to properly manage the event. Therefore, it is a requirement for members to book in advance for the events they want to attend.

Commencement of Membership

Pharmacists can become members whenever they want, and are very welcome to do it when they feel it’s convenient for them. But, membership is usually valid from October to September.

Benefits of Being an Member

  • Continuing course organized by the college specially-made for the educational needs of pharmacists.
  • Performance improvement assistance by the college

Venue of the Meetings

The autumn and winter courses are normally held at the Lecture Center. Therefore, members are always required to arrive at 6.30 p.m. for registration. The meetings begin at 9.00 p.m.