How Long Does it Take for Sildenafil to Take effect?


How Long Does it Take for Sildenafil to Take effect?

When having a problem with erectile dysfunction, it means that it’s vital for you to take treatment, and Sildenafil is just the right one-off medication for you. Just a tablet of this medicine is enough to build up your system. You need to go through the basics to get acquainted with when you should take Sildenafil regardless of how effective you need it in your circumstance.

The main question you should also ask yourself is, how long does it take for Sildenafil to take effect? Read on to know more about this effective drug that can help you during your medical situation.

How Sildenafil Work’s

Sildenafil relaxes the sheeny muscles of the penis by allowing the blood to enter the organ to cause an erection. The chemical cGMP gets released during an erection into the penis.

When the PDE5 enzyme gets broken down, it disrupts cGMP; hence Sildenafil aims to block this action to allow the efficient flow of blood in the penis. The following drug works only when a person gets sexually aroused, and as long as the drug is still in the bloodstream, an erection doesn’t take place the whole time. 

The time that is taken for Sildenafil to work

How long does it take for Sildenafil to take effect? Some men experience 30-60 minutes round to work, while for others, it takes less than thirty minutes. Some exceptional cases involve more time to take effect, especially for people who have high bodyweight because the drug will need to get through to a large area. Sildenafil works faster in thirty minutes or below for men who have a high metabolism and have a relaxed and hungry mind.

Time Taken for Sildenafil to Last

Sildenafil lasts for almost four hours after taking it. You won’t have an erection that’s constant within this period, but when you get sexually stimulated, you can get an erection. Not everyone will experience this situation because it varies depending on factors like mental state, age, dosage, weight, food, alcohol, pre-existing medical conditions, and mental state. Consult a doctor if you get any side effects when the drug doesn’t last for long.

Different medication that lasts longer than Sildenafil

Another alternative medication that can be used other than Sildenafil if a drug called Tadafil. It comes in four various strengths, which come in 2.5mg, 5mg, 10mg, and 20mg.

  •  Take 10mg & 20mg around 30 minutes before any sexual activity ( lasts up to 36 hours)
  • Take 2.5mg & 5mg daily to maintain a spontaneous erection.

 Sexually active people should take Tadafil 2.5&5mg regularly to maintain their erection. When you want to want a solution for your need, consult a doctor about which suits you between Sildenafil and Tadafil. 

How will you make Sildenafil last longer?

Fours hours is the standard time that takes Sildenafil to last in the bloodstream, but it varies according to different people because of several existing factors that can either make it to last for more than 5 hrs or less than three hours. Some of the factors that contribute to the time that Sildenafil lasts include;

Age of a person

 Metabolism is older people slow down; hence Sildenafil might take longer to last in such men as compared to the younger ones. Excretions of the drug take time hence the delay.

Dosage took 

High dosages of Sildenafil are more effective and act longer when taken in. However, we have some men who only require taking small doses because they might get affected by the latter. Those side effects include facial flushing or headaches.

Always consult a doctor to get the right prescription before your use Sildenafil. Talk to them is you find that the dosage you are taking is no longer active, and they can recommend what to do next or if it’s safe to try another drug that treats erectile dysfunction issues.


If you consume a sumptuous meal in fats and carbohydrates, it may take Sildenafil longer to work and reduce its effectiveness. A less filled stomach can make Sildenafil work efficiently fast, but it is not likely to last very long. It would be best if you tried to have a balanced meal beforehand to increase the likelihood of Sildenafil lasting longer.


 Intake of alcohol usually harms the amount of blood that is supposed to reach the penis; hence it also affects Sildenafil. When taking this treatment, you need to avoid alcohol consumption to receive a sufficient frilly experience. 

Other Medication

Sildenafil effectiveness can get affected by other medications because they get to reduce the time in which it can last. You need to consult with a doctor if you are currently taking any medication to avoid affecting Sildenafil.

Improve your Health.

 Sildenafil is the right drug that requires you to take it while being more energetic to gain its effect of lasting longer. It acts as a miracle, but you need to be healthy so that it works. People who have health issues might find it difficult with Sildenafil, and it might not work for them at all. Doctors recommend that people ask for a consultation.

The state of mind of a person

When you get aroused sexually, Sildenafil will start working; hence a person must get themselves in the right state of mind before taking this drug.

It would be much difficult when you are stressed, experiencing anxiety, or you are nervous. The action of Sildenafil will impact you negatively. Ensure that you should take the drug when relaxed and feeling comfortable so that you enjoy the benefits of Sildenafil.

In general, taking in Sildenafil as a potent pill in ED can be hard for some men because they experience different effects, which can be bothersome at times, but with the trial, you can experience how good it works and probably embrace it.

Also, you can always seek out different options for medication to take care of your needs if Sildenafil doesn’t suit you.

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